(Lights, Camera)…Action!


The average film produces 33,000 kg of CO2 emissions per shooting day. That's the equivalent of flying non-stop for 366 hours (almost 9 circles around the planet!). This is huge.


Every year during the Dutch Film Festival Gala, influential people from the film industry come together to see the latest films and collect awards. During this event we had the opportunity to screen a 2-minute film to raise awareness about the (un)sustainability of the film industry and encourage the public to take action.


Although (lights, camera,) 'action!' is a well-known term in the film industry, not enough is happening in this industry when it comes to fighting climate change. That is why we have translated the consequences of climate change into a format that everyone at the gala knows: a film set.

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 16.14.14

Don't wait for 'Action!' to take action.


Realising that you don’t have to wait for a director to tell you to take action, we provided the audience with a QR, that after scanning lists information, events and ways to use your influence to achieve positive impact and combat climate change.  


Project credits

Client: Extinction Rebellion, Nederlands Film Festival, Film for Future

Concept: Merel Witteman & Aram de Groot

Direction: Aram de Groot

Edit: Robin Van Ryckeghem

Sound design: Diederik Idenburg

Productie: Aram de Groot, Iris Otten, Laurette Schillings

Voice-overs: Carice van Houten, Sieger Sloot

Projectteam: Monique ten Berge (NFF), Gijs de Beus (XR), Chris Julien (XR), Bo Dekker (FFF)