Climate neutral by 2050


Europe has to be climate neutral by 2050. This means that all municipalities in the Netherlands also need to become climate neutral. Therefore, the municipality of Ede asked for a convincing poster campaign to take their inhabitants along and motivate them to take sustainable actions.  


But: 2050 is still a long way away. The people taking actions (and decisions) now will probably not be in charge any more by 2050. On the other hand: the people who will take the lead in 2050 do not yet have a voice. For example, the 36-year-olds of 2050 are the 9-year-olds of 2023. So, why not let the people-that-will-be-in-charge-of-2050 decide what they want to ask the people that are living now? Because by 2050, it might be too late. 


Therefore, we advised the city of Ede to put together a group of seven to nine-year-olds, and let them make the campaign (instead of us). We educated these future bosses and mayors on climate change and advertising campaigns, after which we asked them to make their own poster. 


And they did. The posters were targeted at grandpa’s and grandma’s that should switch to electric campers, pets that are asked politely to eat less meat, company owners to turn down machines when not in use, and the mayor to only shop second hand clothing. 


And other posters were aiming more at things they dream of for 2050, which need to start now to become reality in the future: more nature, an electric aeroplane, climate police on horses, less CO2 and more rainbows. 


The campaign was live during the Week of the Climate, and an exhibition of all posters was organised at the city Hall. The kids whose poster was selected for the outdoor campaign also received the posters so they could hang them up at home. 

Project credits

Client: Gemeente Ede

Projectteam: Merel Witteman, Manon van Hoeckel & Evelien Vos

Poster designs: Nynke (35 in 2050), Manon (35 in 2050), Rosalie (36 in 2050), Miguel (35 in 2050), Janita (35 in 2050), Bram (35 in 2050), Jens (34 in 2050), Daan (35 in 2050), Stijn (35 in 2050), Josie (36 in 2050), Oliver (35 in 2050)