CarbonFix is an independent organisation that fights climate change by financially supporting innovations with great potential to reduce or capture carbon emissions. Their missions is to help reduce at least 1% of excess global warming by 2030.


To achieve this goal, they support bright minds with disruptive ideas to cool the planet. And to reach those bright minds, they needed a visual identity, including a website. 

The floating O in the logo refers to the up – and (hopefully) down going greenhouse gas molecules.


Colours in CarbonFix' visual identity are colour-picked from Earth, but not the go-to blue and green (that are often used in environmental organisations).


CarbonFix Color Palette Merel Witteman

The images on the CarbonFix website display the same Earth in different (uncomfortable) situations.


The image series was created by collaging stock photos from different sources.  

CarbonFix looks for climate instigators and creates a network
CarbonFix let's bring the planet back in balance
CarbonFix planet Earth the World
CarbonFix is looking for talent
CarbonFix Funds Research Photo microscope planet merel witteman
CarbonFix fluctuating emissions
Carbonfix Big change starts with small action

On the website all elements come together (as well as in other items & stationary) 


Carbonfix Businesscards Let's bring the planet back in balance
Carbonfix Businesscards Big Change starts with small actions, We like to think bold when it comes to lowering CO2
Carbonfix visual identity stationary sketch letterhead
Carbonfix visual identity example merel witteman
CarbonFix Newsletter visualisation

Project credits

Client: Carbonfix

Identity, (web)design & art-direction: Merel Witteman

Website built by: Danny Moons