Endless questions
and 40 videos
to celebrate curiosity


NEMO Science Museum celebrates its 100th anniversary, by sparking curiosity with events, demonstrations and experiments.


They also launched a website for their birthday, where the museum invites all people of the Netherlands to be their most curious self: asking an endless amount of questions about an endless amount of things.

These questions can be submitted on the website and will be answered by a team of scientists. And some questions are accompanied by one of these videos! 

20 NEMO Snelle raket Final .00_00_00_00.Still020
18 Pasha – Waarom bewegen duiven hun hoofd Final (Luuk, 31 okt).00_00_00_14.Still001
7 NEMO Zware lucht Final.00_00_06_19.Still022

Why are soap bubbles never square? Is poop always brown? How many atoms do you need to see a color?


In total 40 video’s were made, of which 25 show an experiment and 15 an expert explaining something. All experiments can also be done at home, at school, with friends or family. All videos are aimed to spark curiosity and get people to ask even more questions. 

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 13.07.26
19 NEMO Zoute zee Final.00_00_09_19.Still023
8 NEMO Water in de fik Final.00_00_07_08.Still021

Why are dog years different to human years? Do babies fart before they are born? How does Wi-fi work?


My role in this project was to come up with fun experiments based on the send-in questions, and oversee the creative process of producing the 40 videos. This meant a lot of experimenting, testing, writing scripts, art directing on set and guiding the edit. 

17 NEMO Rode Kool Final.00_00_20_19.Still024
13 NEMO Magnetron Final .00_00_13_06.Still023
18 NEMO Ijzeren cornflakes Final.00_00_12_23.Still022
14 NEMO Kettingreactie Final .00_00_10_19.Still022
16 NEMO Maak een magneet Final.00_00_14_20.Still022

Can radiowaves turn on lights? Can you make a stink-bomb from hair? How many ingredients does cheese have? How does an electromagnet work? Is all air the same weight? 

12 NEMO Mozarella .00_00_13_07.Still021
Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 13.28.02
21 NEMO Stinkbom Final .00_00_00_20.Still020
6 NEMO Slimme constructie Final.00_00_16_19.Still023
11 NEMO Gekleurde planten Final .00_00_16_22.Still023

Project credits

Client: NEMO Science Museum

Experiment videos: Merel Witteman

Scientist videos: Yvonne Smit & Merel Witteman

Video Production, Filming & Edit: Generatie Alles

Campaign & website design: KesselsKramer